ALHAMBRA in the Alhambra


November 12-14, 2013

The ALHAMBRA project is a photometric survey, which has covered a total area of 4 square degress in the sky distributed in 8 different fields (with half a degree per field) with 20 contiguous, equal width, medium band photometric filters from 3500 A to 9700 A, plus the standard broad bands JHKs in the near infrared. Although the primary goal of ALHAMBRA is the study of the cosmic evolution, the survey involves several astrophysical subjects, including clusters of galaxies, galaxy morphology and environment, stellar population studies, Milky Way structure, and stellar studies.

After the publication of the "Alhambra Gold" catalog for the Spanish scientific comunity on June, it is a pleasure to announce the public release of the total data collected by the ALHAMBRA project. During this meeting which will be held in Granada, both at the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalucia and the Alhambra surroundings, we will present not only the images observed during 8 years by the ALHAMBRA project but also the final catalog, listing precise information for more than 500,000 objects. 

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